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Hello and welcome to the diabetic pharmacist blog. this is Brian Ray, the Diabetic Pharmacist. Yes, as the name implies, I am both a Type 2 diabetic and a Registered Pharmacist. I have been a diabetic for approximately 10-11 years, and a pharmacist for a couple of decades now. Between pharmacy school, continuing education, and personal experience, I have learned a great deal about diabetes. I want to share that knowledge with you.

Why did I create and develop this site?

If you are anything like me, you just don’t have enough time in a day to do everything you want to do. I want to save you time looking all over the internet trying to find good information on diabetes. I want to be one of  the first sites you visit to get the most up-to-date and pertinent information on diabetes. Am I the only site you should visit? Of course not. If I find a website, resource,or just a really cool site that may be of benefit to you, I will give you that information or a link right here on this site. I am constantly looking for the latest information, and will sift through it for you and give you the best of it all.

Who am I?

Like you,I am a Type 2  diabetic, so I know where you are coming from and what you are going through. I am a normal person just like you.  I have all the trials and tribulations of controlling my own blood sugars, and I know it’s not as simple as it looks. I wouldn’t pretend to be a doctor, so don’t change anything you are doing without consulting your doctor first. I certainly am not an expert when it comes to diabetes either, but I just want to give you the latest and best information available. Many of the sources that I use  are not available to the general public, like doctor and pharmacy journals, diabetes magazines, and continuing education courses.

Have you been to the doctor Lately?

Have you ever gone to your doctor appointment and come home to questions like, “I forgot to ask him about this…..?”  or “What did he say about this?” or “What did he mean by this?” or “What do I do now?”. Hopefully, I can answer some of these questions you forgot to ask, or were too afraid to ask, or have the time to ask. I will try to explain things in layman’s terms, so it will be easy to understand. Things like why this happens, how this drug works, why do I need to test all the time, what did the doctor mean by that ?

You are in control

Diabetes is one of the few diseases that can be controlled by YOU. The more knowledge and understanding that you acquire, the better chance you have controlling your diabetes and enjoying a long and happy life. I go by the motto, “There is no DIE in Diabetes!”.

What is on this site?

I will be updating this site multiple times during the weeks and months ahead, giving you new articles and videos and anything else that has to do with diabetes. Some content will be for everyone, and some will be for members only (To be announced in the near future). Contrary to the internet gurus that say to charge more, I am going to charge a measly $7 per month for all this info, about the same as a Starbuck’s coffee and a doughnut. I want to keep the price as reasonable as I can so everyone can access this new and up to date info. If  you see some ads on this site, yes. I may be getting a commission from them. But rest assured, I will only advertise things I believe in or have personally used. I won’t put just any ads on this site. Google ads on the top are targeted and relevant to diabetes, they are very good at this.

What will this site do for me?

If I have stumbled a bit in this introduction, it just shows you that I am a normal person just like you, not some paid copywriter. I want you to feel like I am just having another conversation with a friend. I want to be your “plain and simple language guy” that can explain things in terms that most people can understand. I want to SAVE YOU TIME AND MONEY by doing all the legwork for you, and giving just the best and latest info. I want to help you gain control of diabetes, not letting diabetes control you. Take what you have learned here and discuss it with your doctor. You can make a difference in how well you control your diabetes. Remember my motto, “There is no DIE in diabetes!”.

 Thanks again for listening, and I hope you enjoy the site.   Sincerely,

Brian Ray, the Diabetic Pharmacist

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    Love the website, can’t wait to see and learn more as you update new blogs!!

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    Absolutely.Thank you

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    Someone I work with visits your site regularly and recommended it to me to read as well. The writing style is superior and the content is relevant. Thanks for the insight you provide the readers!

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